Professional Marine Surveying Services

SAMS-AMS SMS & NAMS-CMS & IAMI-CMI Captain Kerry “Ric” Corley is the chief executive officer and principle surveyor of Capt. Tom Corley & Son as well as a member of the small accredited and certified group of professionals known as Marine Surveyors. Capt. Corley is accredited by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (“SAMS”), and certified by the National Association of Marine Surveyors (“NAMS”). In addition to being a retired all lines adjuster, a master mariner (oceans) and an airline transport pilot; as well as one of the few worldwide marine investigators certified with the International Association of Marine Investigators.

tiltburstEstablished in 1954, Capt. Corley & Son was created to aid in your marine surveying and investigative needs. We service both pleasure and commercial vessels for our clients, and deliver a quick but thorough inspection. All surveys and inspections are completed by Capt. Corley himself to ensure a proper and just inspection. With the marine consulting and marine surveying performed by Capt. Ric Corley, you can help extend the life of your marine vessel

Our professional marine surveying services will assess ships and check emergency gear & supplies. After the completed inspection our surveyors may attend court as an expert witness when necessary.